Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update on Cellular Automata Programs

I had updated my cellular automata programs. The previous version seems to have problem with the width of the screen in computers without some Japanese fonts installed.

The new links is here :

The Cellular Automata v1 is a program to simulate single state cellular automata. Thus the color of each cell could only be black or red (or other color, if you choose so.

The Cellular Automata v2 is a program to simulate multiple state cellular automata. The rule required are a bit more complex than the one for Cellular Automata v1. But once you find a good rule, you could have more fun. The Cellular Automata v2 package have three rules inside in (*.rul) files.

Unfortunately I am really busy with my web programming work, that I have no time left to do any deeper research on it. Anyway I am going to have some good surprise for programmers in the near future. Have fun!