Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am moving my blog to Orinetz

I want to tell readers of my blog that I am going to move my major blogging effort to Orinetz Network. Blogspot is a nice place for blogging, however a web-programmer and linguist need more freedom to express himself. I need a place where I can effectively express myself in more than one language.

That is why I decided to purchase a domain and start a new website there. I had uploaded several web application to orinetz. In the mean time, there are Blog, Question and Answer Forum, Online Gravity Simulator and Programmable Comics in Orinetz Network.

I am especially proud of the new Gravity Simulator. Compared to the old one mentioned several times in this blog, the new Gravity simulator have many advantages:

  • It is browser based, you only need your browser to run it
  • It is collision capable simulator
  • It is multilingual - at the moment there are only two languages in Orinetz Network though
  • Space objects are drawn to scale
  • Anyone may make their planetary system there

All in all, I believe that this Gravity Simulator is already far more realistic than its older counterpart. This is my first step toward making Orinetz as a multilingual science fiction directory. In the future I plan to make more browser-based applications related to science fiction and applications related to learning new languages. This also add something in the list of programming languages I ever used to make gravity simulators.