Saturday, August 2, 2008

My website :

July 2008, is a month full of web programming work. My partner in web busines, Lucy Rahayu had asked me to make 2 new websites. One of them is This website is basically selling frozen foods like dumplings and meatballs, produced by an Indonesian food company named TMVFood, owned by one of our friends.

Lucy is the one doing the web design and marketing work, while I do the programming and webmaster work. We are new in this business and this is the first time we make a complex website for e-commerce purpose, so it is natural that we got some difficulty during the process of making this website. Both of us don't know from the start what facility an e-commerce website should have.

I have to think not only about the code, but also how to integrate the links to the design, so the website esthetic value is preserved. I have to admit that Lucy is a good web designer anyway.

Shown above is the product menu page of At the time this entry is being written, there are only three products there. The owner of TMVFood plans to add more products later.

Click any picture in the product menu page and you will be redirected into a page containing the full detail of said product. Shown here is Chicken-Shrimp Dumplings, or "Siomay Ayam Udang" in Bahasa Indonesia.

This page contain details about the product and the price of said product. Anyway the more you buy a kind of product, the less each unit of them will cost. This page also have price list stating how much a product will cost, given the amount of product you buy.

This website also contain some delicious recipes. The one shown above is "Sup Bola-bola".

And finally if you are interested to ask us some questions, we have a contact page. Just write your name, email address (we will need it to send our replies) and your message. We will reply your message as soon as possible.


deni said...

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