Monday, May 5, 2008

Orimath Quadratic Equation and Function Solver

Orimath Quadratic Equation and Function Solver is a software capable of solving basic mathematic problems related to quadratic equation or quadratic function. In this sense, Orimath Quadratic Equation and Function Solver can act as both a Quadratic Equation Calculator and a Quadratic Function Calculator.

The picture depicted above is the main part of the Quadratic Equation and Function Solver. The main interface is designed so user can define their problem easily and checks out what questions about the quadratic equations or quadratic functions, the Quadratic Equation Calculator have to solve for them.

Unlike its freeware counterpart, this new Quadratic Equation Calculator is capable of telling the steps required to get the answer in user friendly HTML interface. This make the program good and useful for students who have problem with their mathematic homework, students who want to learn more about quadratic equations and quadratic functions, and teachers who want to make some problems for their students to solve.

The program is also capable of plotting the quadratic function neatly. The plotting interface also allow students to looks for the value of y(x) for a given value of x, making it easier to plot or graph a quadratic function.

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