Wednesday, September 24, 2008

System Update in is the website I used to sell Orimath Quadratic Solver, which is basically a commercial version of the Quadratic Solver I used to answer questions in Yahoo!Answer. The website used to sell only one product, there is practically no other software other than the Orimath Quadratic Solver itself. But that already changed.

Yesterday got a facelift. The index page had been changed to fit more with its role as a webstore. I added a new feature called Fractal Store.

At the moment this post is written 8 fractal patterns are being sold in the web. The pattern is sold as programs capable of rendering the fractal in any resolution. User can also explore the fractals in any range they want to, this would give users freedom to choose which part of the pattern they want to render into high resolution fractal image.

However, since fractal rendering is a time consuming process, it is advised that exploration should be done in low resolution. Should users find certain part of the fractal interesting, they can take high resolution shoot on that particular part.

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