Friday, September 26, 2008

Shopping Cart,Multi Download and Discount in

After adding Fractal Gallery into, today I work to upgrade the purchasing and download system. Now any users who wish to buy more than one item wont need to surf around between and PayPal. Just check-up several items that you wish to purchase and put them into your shopping cart. No login is required.

Now, users can grab several items at once shopping cart system

Have you finished your shopping in ? You just need to click that Buy Now button. You will be automatically be brought to PayPal to pay your purchase. By purchasing more than one item in you will get USD 0.15 discount per item, starting from the second item you put into your shopping cart.

This is the Multiple Download page

After finishing the payment procedure using PayPal, user will be redirected back to Meanwhile in, the purchased product will wait for user to download them. Just click once in each picture and user will get the product they bought.

This upgrade have been installed, checked for validity and ready for use. I will have to say thanks for Sonata, who had helped me as the tester and everyone who had visit my site. Thanks to all of you. :)

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