Thursday, October 23, 2008

Orimath Referral and Reselling Business

Lately I had added a new marketing module in my website This new marketing function will enable anybody who have PayPal account to get extra income by referring my products to their friends or resell my products in their website or blog. If someone buy a product in my website, they will get a share. All they have to do are :

After they get the referral code, they can either put the codes in their email and send them to their friends, or they can put referral link in their blogs, websites, or social network profile.

Example of Referral Hyperlink

Example of Referral Banner

Beside referral links, also provide resellers with reseller buttons. By putting these referral buttons in their own websites or blogs, resellers can sell my products direcly from their websites or blogs. Resellers will also get a portion of the sales generated by their reseller buttons. Clicking these buttons will redirect you to PayPal to pay for the products. After purchase is made and paid, you will be sent to my download page to download the products you had paid for.

Example of Reseller Buttons

Oh and last but not least. I just added a new product into orimath. A polynomial solver. This could help you to solve and learn how to solve polynomial using various numerical method. See this link for more into about the product.

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