Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Animals Equations

This is a list of mathematical animals, I made several years ago using a software called Maple. The animals are usually drawn by assembling several abzoloid class of equations. The command used is implicitplot3d from plots package. See my website for more detail.

The Elephant

Big, strong and mighty, yet gentle and peaceful animal. Elephant is my favourite animal since I was 7 years old. In fact this is the first animal equation, by which I earned my reputation as mathematical artist in my university, back in 2002. In fact most people recognize me by the elephant I drew, along with the equation I place around the elephant.

The cat

I draw the cat in 2003, when I watch a Japanese anime titled Ultra Maniac. In that anime, there is a cat called Rio, and I think he is kinda cute. Moreover, I am a fan of Yoshizumi Ayumu-sensei, and have enjoyed several manga and anime based on her work. I hope I can meet her one day.

The Lion

Lion is often depicted as the king of jungle. I ever see one when I visit South Africa with my family. It is one of the famous big five there. The mane, which is part of its body, differentiating it from the rest of the cats family, is the tricky part, which require more than assembling abzoloid class of equation.

The Girrafe

Girrafe's long neck, have earned the species its famous reputation. In fact it is one of the animals, most children can easily recognize if they meet one. I often saw them in the local zoo, when I was small.

The antelope

Antelope is famous for its male's horn, which they use to fight other males in the mating season. I draw this one in 2007 along with the lion and the girrafe.

Repeating same animals for infinity

By using the nature of function based on arccos(cos(x)), it is possible to plot the same animals for infinity, along the x axis. The same can also be done for other axes. Showed in the picture below, are the basic animal equation and two types of iteration.


I often hear from my classmates back in high-school, that the part of brain used for arts and mathematic are different. Most of them also suggest that it is impossible to be good at both of field. I believed that at that time, but after I enter university and learned that even a software which purpose are for mathematic, can be used for the sake of art, I don't think that belief is entirely true.

There advancement in science have made it possible for new kinds of arts to spring out. There are even some kind of arts which require computers to make, for example fractals and animal equations. This has led me to believe that, two or more different subjects may have a meeting point, where a lot of possibility can be studied. It turn out that I was right.

It is always interesting for me to find more and more knowledge, as I understand why elderly always say that learning is a way to know what you don't know, if you never learn, you never know what you don't know. There is a lot of things that can come out from the understanding of this sentence alone.

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