Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Japanese Writer Application


Since the first time I studied Japanese, I had have a hard time looking for application programs, which can be used to write in Japanese. It seems that there aren't many people learning Japanese in my country, or they who currently learning, never bother wanting to write anything in Japanese in a computer.

The problem is, I have some Japanese friends, and sometimes when we exchange mail over the internet, some transliteration mistake happened many times, rendering our mail unreadable. We have tried to overcome this problem by exchanging romaji email or sending kanji as picture, but each of those solutions have their own drawbacks.

Exchanging romaji email will do little to improve my Japanese literation. Unlike most people who just want to be able to speak in Japanese, I want to be Japanese literate. I want to read many kinds of book written in Japanese, in their original language. Everyone with more than single language capability know, how many meaning are lost in translation process. Not to mention there are some knowledge that can only be obtained if you understand a language, because that knowledge are never translated to other language, or simply can't be translated to other language without losing their meanings.

Exchanging picture, while can be one of the good solution, also has its own drawbacks. The size of a picture file is far greater than a text file is a no brainer for every computer literate individual.

Therefore when I found out that making a Japanese Writer program is quite easy, I jump on the chance to make one. Now, the program can be downloaded for free in the link below.

Download Japanese Writer

By using this program, different users just have to exchange their Japanese Writer File (*.jwf) between their net friends.

I hope this program can help anybody to conversate with their Japanese speaking friends, or with their friends who want to improve their Japanese literation as well. For myself, I hope that I can have more Japanese friends, as the very reason for me to study language is to make more friends, and to understand the relationship between different culture in our blue planet.

Additional Note

For Japanese Writer to work, set you windows non-Unicode language to Japanese by following these easy steps :
  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Choose "Regional and Language Settings".
  3. Choose "Advance".
  4. Choose "Japanese" in "Language for non-Unicode programs".
  5. Japanese Writer is ready to be used.

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