Sunday, February 24, 2008

GeoScene 2D Fractal Generator

GeoScene Fractal Generator, is a program I made in 2006 using Julia Set generation algorithm, as a part of my thesis for my bachelor degree. I used it at that time to generate some kind of geographical irregularities, as part of the input used by my seawave simulation program.

Later, I also used the program to make different kinds of mathematical arts. Which you can see in my deviant art gallery. The icons I used as part of my banner in my Mathematical Programming Tutorial Website is also generated using this program.

How to Use GeoScene Fractal Generator ?

Before you can use the program, you have to download the program here. Then you can activate the program and see the following screen.

If you set the Multiplier in Limit section by 20, and click ADD Generate button in Coloring section, you will see a fractal generated using the equation : green(z)=1-z^2, where z is a complex number.

The Polynomial and Coloring Section

Now, clear the screen by clicking Clear Color button in Coloring section.

Then lets try to make a Fractal by using the following polynomial :
f(z)=(0.3 + 0.2 I) z2 + (4.2 - 0.9 I) z + (-2.3 + 0.2 I)

These are the thing you should do :
- Set the C(n) value in the Polynomial Section, just like the function described above.
- Set the Coloring to Red
- Set the Multiplier value in Limit section to 60
- Click ADD Generate Button

Then :
- Set the Coloring to Green
- Set the Multiplier value in Limit section to 40
- Click ADD Generate Button

At last :
- Set the Coloring to Blue
- Set the Multiplier value in Limit section to 30
- Click ADD Generate Button

And the picture above is what you would get, after doing the procedures stated above.

How to Clear the Screen ?

Set the coloring to RGB and click Clear Color.

Random function

The purpose of Random button in Polynomial Section, is for generating a random polynomial function. After clicking the Random button and clicking the ADD Generate button, you can get a picture like below.

Matrix Size

Matrix Size is the actual height and width of the generated fractal. By Enlarging the size of the matrix, we can see more detail in the generated fractal.

Polynomial with Higher Order

The Add button in Polynomial section, is used to increase the order of the polynomial function, used to make the fractal. Higher order fractals usually are more complex than lower order fractals.

If you click the Save Julia Set Image button, below the image, you can save the currently shown picture as a bitmap image. The example below have been saved in PNG format.

* Download Geoscene Fractal Generator here
* See some generated fractals in my Deviant Art gallery

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